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Stitching Community Together

Tools, Machines & Spaces Available
Sewing, Making, Building
Art Openings & Community Gatherings

Accessible workshops sustain the people, community, and planet we love. 

The Sew Op + Maker Space is a community studio offering affordable workshops, tools, retail and showcase space for textile goods. Here you can teach a class, take a class, or host a private class-based event. 

We believe that by making sewing classes socially and financially accessible, we can grow a more dynamic and innovative web of community knowledge. The resources of the Sew Op + Maker Space are offered on a sliding scale and we encourage participants to consider their own budget and capacity when paying for use.


By teaching workshops that focus on up-cycling and mending, we can empower participants to make anything they may need with anything they have at hand. By fixing and recycling garments, we can keep materials out of landfills and save money from buying less clothing. 

“I think community creativity can transform lives. A lot of people are shy and timid around creativity. Or they are nervous about criticism, so if you can get them in a space where there’s no judgement I think that can be really powerful.”

- Anna Miller, Sew-Op + Maker Space Founder

Image by Karly Santiago

Upcoming Classes

No upcoming events at the moment

We've been enduring isolation through the COVID-19 pandemic like all of you. We are so looking forward to when we can gather and make stuff together in person. We're also looking into how we can offer virtual classes and sewcial events! In the meantime, please sign up for our email newsletter, so we can keep you posted, and invite you to make with us!

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