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What's up with the sliding scale? 

Rather than set a firm price for the workspace, we invite attendants to pay what they can, on a sliding scale. We have suggested amount for open hours, but ultimately you can decide: how much is our resource worth to you? 


We do this because arts, crafts, and sewing resources are often cost-prohibitive. We want arts, crafts, and sewing to be accessible to as many people as possible, and we want our community web of knowledge to be as dynamic, diverse, and strong as possible. 

What if I can't pay for a class right now? 

Email us at to see what we can work out. ​

What if I can't pay for a class right now but can later? 

Email us at to see what makes sense for your budget. You can donate to SewOp + Maker Space anytime! You can donate to us directly and pay extra when you attend a class or open hours. 

Why do some classes have a minimum donation accepted? 

Our vision is to sustain individuals, communities, and our planet through resourceful access to sewing. Part of this includes compensating our teachers as well as we can. Therefore, some classes have a minimum donation accepted. Even when a class has a minimum donation accepted, that minimum number is far below market price, continuing our efforts to make classes more accessible to the public. 

This space is the best, how do I help this place flourish? 

Thank you so much! We think YOU, our community, is what makes this place the best. You can contact to talk about volunteer and teaching opportunities. If you can, donations go a long way to keep the space open and subsidize class costs for wider attendance. Can you afford to pay someone's way today? 

The best way to help this place grow is to share it with your friends and neighbors! 

SewOp + Maker Space Resources

We are so pleased to offer a variety of sewing resources to our community, The SewOp currently offers the following physical resources: 

- five Bernina sewing machines

- four industrial sewing machines

- three sergers

- one cover stitch

- large cutting/crafting tables

- industrial snap and grommet setter

- leatherworking station

- variety of notions and patterns for sale

- select fabrics available for use

- modest sewing and craft library

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