3 women who are partners in a sewing business
SewOp+Makerspace Partners

The SewOp+Makerspace has always been meant to be a community effort, but with launching the business the weekend before COVID-19 caused the word to go into shutdown mode, realizing that vision has taken longer than was originally anticipated. The time we've all spent at home, has kindled an even greater desire in many people to learn to sew, or refresh their skills, and enjoy the goodness of handmade goods. As we prepare to re-open to the public with a variety of classes and open sewing sessions, we wanted to take a mooment and announce that Anna Miller, our founder, has officially decided to take on some partners to help create the sewing and making community she has envisioned. So, this post is an introduction to all three of us, with links to our socials, so you can connect with us out there in internet land. 

So, from left to right in our group selfie, here we are:

Brandy Colmer

Is a creative technologist and business process engineer. Her mom instilled in her a love of clothes and sewing from a very early age. She made fake Esprit outfits in high school, as well as costumes for friends, and theater productions. She went to fashion design school in Los Angeles in the late 90’s, but then ended up working in a variety of roles in businesses, where she applied her creativity to things in the digital world, like databases, web-designs and sales funnels. She realized that she deeply missed creating analog items, especially clothing, and has been finding her way back to it for some time now. She is the SewOp Director of Marketing and Technology, and helps ease Anna and Hannah into Google Drive and calendar syncing. You can follow her journey on Instagram at @Bcolmer

Hannah Visser

is a costume and vintage clothing enthusiast. She once spent her days managing environmental clearances for major transportation projects and now she loves constructing new garments, or restoring old ones. Her meticulous stitching is truly impressive to see, and she is entranced by the engineering of how all the pieces fit together. Inspired by The Mary Frances Sewing Book - Adventures Among the Thimble People, she taught herself to sew in high school, and has built her skills gradually over the years. She has volunteered locally with the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Costume Department, and sells many of her vintage clothing finds online, and in-store at House of Vintage Vancouver. Her love of tidiness and organization brings needed balance to Anna, and Brandy’s messiness, and she is our Director of Retail and Facilities. Follow her on instagram @sewingbirdstudio

Anna Miller

Is passionate about social justice, and the environment, and believes that teaching people about sewing and making is a powerful way to be the change she wants to see in the world.

Her mom taught her how to sew when she was young, and she, too, made her own fake Esprit outfits. She splits her time between the SewOp and Guerrilla Development in Portland. She is a licensed real estate agent, but would rather be roller skating, or sewing up a new pair of jeans. She founded the SewOp+Makerspace in 2020, and serves on the Artstra board of Directors. For now, she doesn’t have a personal IG, but you can find her sharing her many creations on the SewOp IG.

So that's us! We're really looking forward to connecting with all of you, either inperson at one of our classes, or just on social media. Please come up and say hi! (Except Hannah, because she is an introvert... so, give her some space, ok!) 

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